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Find out more about the charity.

The Price Parry Charitable Trust gives preference to funding projects local to the Wirral and Liverpool. The Trustees have wide discretionary powers when resolving to make donations, but funding for outside areas will only be considered in special circumstances.

Types of projects we support

Examples of the type of causes we support include:

  • The disadvantaged, through community projects.

  • Social needs, particularly for hospices and children.

  • Alleviation of poverty.

  • Support of various medical fields, particularly MS, epilepsy, blindness and the deaf.

  • Help for the aged.

  • The environment, extended to include worldwide natural disasters.

Please note, the Price Parry Charitable Trust does not accept funding applications from national charities unless it is directly tied to a local-based project.

Apply for funding

To apply for funding, simply click this link to fill out the online application form.

Carefully read the instructions and fill out all fields where relevant. Failure to answer any field incorrect may delay your application, or result in it not being taken further.

Please note that the Trustees aim to distribute as high a percentage as possible of net funds received towards the charity’s purposes. In striving to keep costs to a minimum, not all applicants will be advised they have been unsuccessful.